Hello, my name is Mihovil

... and I'm a Software Engineeer at Axilis, creative thinker and a maker.

This page is still work in progress 👷‍♂️ The design and content will be updated over time.

You can contact me via e-mail


Collaborative Editor in 30 mins or less

5 min read

When we do interviews at my current company, we are usually doing some live coding tasks. Oftentimes, we use a tool that has syntax highlighting, and we can see the code as it is being typed. Recently, this tool started to lose connection too often.

That got me thinking, how hard is it to cobble together a real-time code editor?

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Ad block shouldn't break your checkout

2 min read

We've recently started a shop with some merchandise using TeeSpring. We wanted to try out selling merch as a strategy for monetizing our game Bela Online. And while TeeSpring enabled us to set up this very fast and it is a no-brainer in terms of how hands off it is, there are some issues. Some critical issues.

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How we built a game in React Native during the pandemic

3 min read

Here's a dear project I'd like to share with you. Together with good friends of mine Fran Grgić and Tin Ceraj, I've built a popular card game in Croatia.

The card game is called Bela, usually played in bars and with 3 other players. And it can get pretty heated while playing 😅

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