Hello, my name is Mihovil

... and I'm a Founding Engineeer at Wasp, creative thinker and a maker.

You can reach me via e-mail or Twitter.


Collaborative Editor in 30 mins or less

6 min read

When we do interviews at my current company, we usually do some live coding tasks. Oftentimes, we use a tool that has syntax highlighting, and we can see the code as it's typed. Recently, this tool started to lose connection too often 😑

That got me thinking, how hard is it to cobble together a real-time code editor?

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Ad block shouldn't break your checkout

2 min read

We've recently started a shop with some merchandise using TeeSpring. We wanted to try out selling merch as a strategy for monetizing our game Bela Online. And while TeeSpring enabled us to set up this very fast and it is a no-brainer in terms of how hands off it is, there are some issues. Some critical issues.

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How we built a game in React Native during the pandemic

3 min read

Here's a dear project I'd like to share with you. Together with good friends of mine Fran Grgić and Tin Ceraj, I've built a popular card game in Croatia.

The card game is called Bela, usually played in bars and with 3 other players. And it can get pretty heated while playing 😅

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